The tallest building in Suzhou

Chinese men are very competitive -they can’t just play a game for fun- and Chinese cities also like to compete with each other: which city has the tallest building, which one has the biggest square, the longest street or the most crowded subway…

Suzhou cannot compete in any of those areas with bigger cities like Beijing or Shanghai but that doesn’t mean they don’t try: the tallest building in Suzhou is being erected just besides where I live. Behold!

The picture is completely made from scratch with Photoshop as the city doesn’t look like that and in reality there are no mountains in the background, but anyway you can see that it is the highest building in the city. It has become the symbol of Suzhou Industrial Park, the neighbourhood where I live.

I arrived to Suzhou 2 years ago and the structure of the building was already finished. Since then they don’t seem to have advanced very much. I have heard rumours that they slowed down the construction because they haven’t sold the majority of the office and apartment space available. Maybe the price of 30,000 RMB per square meter has something to do with it.

The building is called 东方之门, the Gate of the Orient, and it wasn’t well received by Chinese netizens, who criticized it saying that it looks a pair of huge trousers and that Suzhou had bought the design no other country wanted (it was designed by a British architecture study, I think). Chinese netizens love using Photoshop to mock things they don’t like so they made some really funny images to demonstrate that the Gate of the Orient really looks like a pair of huge pants:

Ok, this one is not very good.

But this one is cool!

What about this one?

I love ShinChan! (蜡笔小新 in China).

But my absolute favourite is this one: it could easily become a reality with just a little investment in LED lights and we would automatically have the coolest skyline on Earth!

Other creative netizens pointed out that our Gate of the Orient should start dating a skyscraper from Shenzhen, because they are obviously made for each other:

They are perfect for each other! Aren’t they?

And some others say that with our huge pants Suzhou will be in the same league with Beijing, where they also have a pair of giant pants but in a slightly different position: