The Hello Kitty plane

Last December we saw this plane in Shanghai Pudong Airport:


We had already heard about it. One of our friends was going to Taiwan very frequently and he had taken this flight several times. He says everything is pink and Hello Kitty on the inside: the seats, the cups, the trays… all of it. It belongs to a Taiwanese airline called Eva Air.

That day we were flying to Taiwan but unfortunately our plane was not this one. I don’t like Hello Kitty but I would have loved to take pictures and post them online.

However, when we were in Taipei Taoyuan Airport we saw the check-in room for Eva Air flights. Yes! It was Hello Kitty!


Even the toilet paper has Hello Kitty on it!! That’s not very nice for the poor Kitty… Luckily she doesn’t have a mouth to complain!


I guess the feeling when you ride the Hello Kitty plane is similar to the feeling you get when visiting this room… Cuteness overdose! So many Hello Kitties, so many ribbons, everything pink everywhere!