Lunch time

From Monday to Friday I eat in our company’s dining hall with my Chinese colleagues. My Spanish colleagues don’t eat there because they don’t like the food (well, more accurately, they have never tried it) and they order delivery from Sherpa’s. I don’t want to spend 70 or 80 RMB per day just for lunch, and besides, when you order delivery you almost always end up ordering pizza or pasta because you just don’t know what to order. Going to the dining hall is so much more convenient! You just eat what they give you and it is free! (Well, it is included in your salary).

My Chinese colleagues complain that they don’t like the food. I think they are a bit whiny. I like the dining hall food, it is normal daily food.

Normally we have eight different foods: vegetables, eggs, tofu, meat and fish. You can have all the types of vegetables, eggs and tofu if you want, but you have to choose just one meat or fish. Apart from that there are also rice or noodles, soup and fruit.

The lady that serves the food always laughs when she tries to give me seaweed or green pepper and I make her put it back. I have told her a hundred times that I don’t like seaweed and green pepper but she keeps forgetting. It’s ok, I remind her every day and she laughs. Lately I also tell her that I don’t eat meat. I was eating meat every day and that is not healthy. Chinese people eat too much meat.

The lady that laughs every time I say I don’t like seaweed and green pepper.


Some vegetable which name I don’t know and marinated boiled eggs.

Fish fingers and fatty pork.

My tray.

I got you with your mouth full!

The dining hall is a peaceful place after lunch.