Photo Booth

This is something I have seen in Asia, but not in Spain. In Spain you can find the regular photo booths, where you can have your passport photos taken. But the ones in Asia are way cooler: you can add backgrounds, effects and drawings to your pictures. And they have this powerful flash so your face is completely white and flawless. Going to the photo booth is a fun experience that can’t be matched by taking pictures at home and then photoshoping them: you have to go there on purpose, agree on the backgrounds to be chosen, think how you are going to pose for each shot, then select the best shots and add the effects. Then you get these cute little pictures (in some places they make them as stickers) which in Chinese are called 大头贴.

Our first time in a photo booth was during our first trip abroad together (to Seoul & Jeju Island). We passed by a  photo booth store (a store with a lot of booths and lots of teenagers and school girls taking pictures with their friends) in Myeong Dong district and we had to get in. It was quite an adventure: the machine was in Korean and no one there spoke English! After taking the pictures we were just standing there, not knowing what to do, until a kind Korean girl indicated us that we had to go to the back of the booth to edit the pictures in the computer (and again, everything was in Korean!).


Everything went well until it didn’t. The computer just gave you 5 minutes to edit the pictures and add the effects, and 5 seconds before the time finished we pressed some button that made our pictures be printed very tiny.


I still wanted to have slightly bigger pictures to put in my purse so after going back to Suzhou I asked C. if knew any place where we could have this kind of pictures taken. He didn’t, but he asked his friends (who thought this was something a teenager couple would do) and we went.

After half an hour of choosing, posing, selecting and editing this is what we got: