“Now you know how foreigners feel like in China”

A few days ago we took John to a sushi restaurant because he felt like eating sushi. John is the 9-year-old son of C.’s ex wife. C. and John lived together for several years and still keep a close relationship. We sometimes take him out on the weekends.

So, we were in the parking lot and John noticed a couple was staring at us. I saw him looking at them but he didn’t say anything.

Once inside the mall there was even more people looking at us. John looked puzzled and asked C.: “Why is everybody looking at us?”. “Well”, replied C., “our little group is a bit odd”.

After finishing our meal we were standing beside the restaurant’s entrance thinking where to go next. A woman in a nearby store was watching us. “That auntie is also looking at us!”, John said. “Maybe she is wondering if you are a mixed-blood kid”, I said. “You see how everybody looks at us? Now you know how foreigners feel like in China”.