What have you been doing while I was away?

I am back in Suzhou (after a 28 hour trip!) and C. and Nico were very happy to see me again. But what have they been doing during the month I’ve been away? Let’s find out! I will be the interviewer.

Marta: So what have you been doing this month?

C: Well, I have been working! As you know, Chinese people don’t have summer holidays like you, lucky Europeans!

Nico (I will translate from dog language so everybody can understand her): Oh, I missed you so much! I’m so glad you are back! I love you! Let me lick your legs to show you how much I adore you. Wait, what is that you are eating? Can I have some?

Marta: Well, besides working, what have you done? And no, Nico, you can’t eat my chocolate chip cookies!

C: Uhm… I may have gone out at night more than usual… and maybe I went to Moxi Zishi‘s concert…

Marta: WHAT?? You went to see him without me? And why do you always go out when I’m not here? Do your friends think I don’t let you go out or something?

C: Er… no?

Nico: Can you scratch behind my ears? Aaaaaah, niiiiice…

C: We also went to the Rainbow Run! But Nico got tired after 500 meters…

Nico: Oh yes, that was fun. And I was the only dog so everybody loved me and stained me with their powdered colors.. But there was nothing to eat there so I got bored quickly. By the way, I’m hungry! Can I eat some of that chorizo you brought from Spain?

Before and after the Rainbow Run.

Before and after the Rainbow Run.


Nico: Look at me! I’m so fit and skinny! I think you should give me something to eat!

Marta: Really? I think you are fatter than when I left.

Nico: Your eyes must be failing you, have you thought about getting a new pair of glasses? Oh look, isn’t it my dinner time? I’ll go to the kitchen and see if I can find something to eat.

C: I have also been practising with my guitar!

Marta: That’s nice! But C, did you study any Spanish during these weeks? (I bought him 3 or 4 books to learn Spanish and he uses several learning apps).

C: Have I told you how beautiful you are? And it seems you lost some weight!