My first time on a Ferris wheel

I have something to confess: I am 30 years old and I had never ridden a Ferris wheel until a few days ago.

Why had I never tried it? I am not afraid of heights and there were plenty of opportunities when I was a child: I have been to dozens of fun fairs and parks which had an ol’ good Ferris wheel.

So what was it? I can’t say it for sure, but it may have to be with some apprehension and irrational fear that the Ferris wheel was going to lose some screw and collapse. Or the cabin was going to have some problem and fall. Who knows. I don’t remember reading any news about similar situations (which doesn’t mean it has never happened, I just prefer not to google it, thanks) so I don’t know where these crazy ideas were coming from. Well, some of the Ferris wheels in fun fairs do look old and rusty. And they are put together in a few days, spend a week in one city and then they are disassembled and go to the next city. How can you be sure those guys properly fastened all the bolts? I guess that was a risk my 10 year old self didn’t want to take.

There was a mall with a Ferris wheel on its roof close to our hotel in Taipei a couple of weeks ago. I braved up and told C. we could ride it if we had time. Ok, I was actually thinking we were not going to have time or he wouldn’t be interested and I would not need to face my irrational childhood fears. Turns out our friends had to go home early to feed their baby and the Ferris wheel closed late. Yay. So there we went.



We bought the tickets and went to the queue. There were two lines, one for the normal cabins and one for the cabins with glass floor. That would have been too much for my first Ferris wheel ride (and there was a waiting time of 30 minutes, while the normal cabins waiting time was 1 minute) so we chose the normal cabin.

I was very tense. The wind was kind of strong and shook (albeit slightly) the cabin. I thought maybe I should close my eyes and not open them until the ride was done but I refrained. It was not a relaxing experience until we were back on the ground again. Yes, I am a coward. I will not post the pictures of my uneasy face. But after going through it and surviving, it wasn’t that bad! It was very quiet up there! And the view was nice! Maybe I will try the Ferris wheel in Suzhou next time!


Taipei from the Ferris wheel (sorry for the shitty picture, my camera is not very good at night).


Do you have anything to confess? Something that everybody does but you have never done and it’s kind of weird when you tell people? Like when I told my friend Doug I had never seen any Indiana Jones movie and he was so shocked he made me watch one of them right away…