Date Night

A few weeks ago we went on a date. We normally don’t “go out on a date”, we just go out for dinner without calling the event a date. But this time I felt like doing something different, so I told C. we had to make it special. I made him wear a shirt and I wore a blouse and a pink skirt. We usually wear jeans and t-shirts all the time so this was already fancy for us! We booked a table in a fancy restaurant which happens to be near our apartment and we walked there.

The night didn’t start very well. Dinner was almost cancelled because we couldn’t find the entrance to the mall where the restaurant is located. The street had been closed because they are building a tunnel under the lake and part of the mall has been knocked down. There is a pile of rubble where a famous KTV used to be!

After phoning the restaurant for directions and walking across a construction site we finally made it. Yay!

At this point I think I have to mention that the restaurant is a Taiwanese chain called 王品 Wang Pin. They are famous for their beef steak and C. had been talking about eating beef for a long time so I thought it was the perfect choice. They don’t have an extensive menu but a set dinner in which you have to choose a starter, a salad, a soup, a main dish and a dessert from four or five options in each section. You also get several different drinks during the meal and a very diligent waitress.


Waiting for our banquet to start!


The starters seem small and you wonder if you will end up hungry. Well, you won’t. We had to make a big effort to finish our desserts!

I had roasted mushrooms and pumpkin soup with spinach jelly at the bottom. Both were delicious! I don’t remember now if we ate salad or not, if we did I forgot to take pictures!

Roasted mushrooms with cheese on top.

Roasted mushrooms with cheese on top.



The main course was obviously the big star. It is difficult to eat decent meat in China, unless you go to expensive and/or Western restaurants. In many places you will eat “steak” that is in fact a patchwork of many pieces of meat from who knows where. Kind of like KFC’s chicken.

Beef + lamb. C. couldn't choose just one.

Beef + lamb. C. couldn’t choose just one.


For dessert I had a dark chocolate warm soft cake with ice cream that was amazing. And after dessert there was a kumquat and lemon juice! It was definitely too much.

We don’t usually go to fancy expensive restaurants but we can afford splurging once a year! It felt good having a “special day”, even though it just meant wearing different clothes and going to a different place!