Going to Ikea on a Sunday

A few days ago I mentioned that I had some exciting news. Well, I am sorry to disappoint you but it is not that we are getting married or that I am pregnant! It is a slightly less exciting news: C. bought an apartment in Suzhou.

Until now we had been living in a rented apartment. I have stayed there for almost 3 years and I love the place: it is in a new district but close to the city center, there is a subway stop nearby, many bus lines, and a lot of green areas. And just beside the Suzhou Pants building! However that is more of a disadvantage, as a huge new complex is being built there (including what will be the world’s third highest building. Yep, in Suzhou!) so everything is dusty and noisy. A few months ago we were convinced that there was a secret sweatshop sewing clothes in our basement, as we heard noises like sewing machines, Toc toc toc toc,  all the time. We couldn’t find anything and in the end I guessed it was the noise of the construction works digging in the ground and being transmitted through the sewers.

Our new apartment is in the same district but a little further to the east, on the other side of Jinji Lake. Our neighbours next door will be our friends Pan Pan, Hua Hua and their crazy husky Wukong. Currently Hua Hua is studying her masters degree in Chengdu and I am working in Shanghai from Monday to Friday so the guys are very excited thinking about their single guys’ nights of fast food and videogames.

Last Sunday we went to the Ikea store in Wuxi because we needed to buy a sofa and a wardrobe for our new home. I had been to the Wuxi Ikea store several times and it always was kind of empty (compared to the Ikea stores in Shanghai which are always crowded) so I was very surprised when I saw that it was full of people. We wanted to eat in their restaurant but the line was very long so we went to the mall next door. It was also crowded over there but at least we could find a restaurant with an empty table.

I forgot to mention that C.’s mom also came with us. She was very busy trying all the sofas on display and also examining all of the cute plush animal toys. In the end we chose the most comfortable sofa we could find even though it does not have a chaise lounge part, as I wanted in the beginning.

Then we headed for the bedroom displays to get the biggest wardrobe we could find. At first C. intended to assemble it himself but I remembered Timo‘s experience and advised him against doing it and just hiring someone instead. Our new stuff already arrived to our apartment and was assembled today. We are moving this weekend!

But a post about going to Ikea in China would not be complete without a few pictures of people sleeping in the display beds, sofas or other places. I have never been to Ikea outside of China so I thought this was normal, but apparently it is not and it just happens here! So enjoy our local speciality:

Sleeping beauty

“Uhm, I will try this children’s bed…”


Sleeping beauty II

There was also a kid under the black coat.


Sleeping beauty III

This does not look very comfortable!