Christmas decorations in Shanghai

Traditionally, Christmas was not celebrated in China. But nowadays, and specially in big cities, malls and restaurants put Christmas decorations and announce Christmas discounts and special menus to encourage spending. And if there is something young Chinese people love doing, that is spending money! On my way home tonight I saw many young couples queueing to get in a restaurant.

All the malls in Nanjing West Rd., where my office is, have beautiful decorations. All the trees in the street have colourful lights on them.

Lights outside one of the fancier malls.

Lights outside one of the fancier malls.

Do you recognize anyone? :D

Do you recognize anyone? :D

I even saw Santa Claus today!

Santa Claus


Our office is decorated, too.

This is by the entrance, on the right side...

This is by the entrance, on the right side…


And this is on the left side.


Little snowmen on the reception desk


General view of the office.



I am spending Christmas Eve alone in Shanghai as C. is in Suzhou. I am not doing anything special today (well, we exchanged the Secret Santa gifts in the office earlier this afternoon) but tomorrow I will be joining my company’s Christmas dinner.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas!