Sculptures around the lake

Yesterday it was a very nice day: the sky was blue and PM2.5 was under 70! That is quite a feat! It seems Beijing gets all the bad press about air pollution but in Shanghai and Suzhou the air is not exactly clean either. The sky is usually a pale blue and you can’t see any clouds because the smog covers them. So when a rare blue sky day happens we have to go out and enjoy the sun (even though yesterday we quite cold!).

For our Sunday walk we chose the area on the north shore of Jinji Lake. Jinji Lake (金鸡湖) means Lake of the Golden Chicken (I don’t know why it is called like that) and it is located on the east side of Suzhou Industrial Park. It is a huge lake and around it there are many parks, hotels, the Suzhou Culture and Arts Center, an amusement park with a Ferris wheel, bars, restaurants… The Suzhou Pants building is also right next to the lake.

In the parks around Jinji Lake there are many sculptures. Some of them are abstract, some of them are not; some of them look very nice and others make you wonder what the artist was thinking when he created them. Let me show you some of them (these are not the official sculpture names, I made them up).

Two Huge Drops of Water: this is one of my favourite Jinji Lake sculptures. The shiny metallic surface reflects the surroundings. You can also see the Suzhou Pants building in the background.


Pink Flamingos: it would be nicer if they were real but unfortunately they are not!



Giant Rainbow-Ant: this one is also shiny and metallic, and reflect many colours when it is sunny.



Monkeys on the Phone: this is one of the WTFs. What does this mean? It is not even beautiful…



Skaters: around the boardwalk on the east side of the lake there several sculptures depicting humans. The skaters are one of them, but there is also a man talking on his cellphone and a woman walking her doggie. Fun fact: I don’t think boardskating is allowed here for real humans.



Leaf Boat: at least this one is related to the lake!

Leaf Boat


And finally, a guessing game! Do you know who these two guys are? Hint: they are from Spain!


The one in the middle is obviously me. I had to take a picture with my countrymen!