Chinese New Year party

It’s better late than never, or at least we say that in Spain. Almost a month later I finally have the pictures of our company’s Chinese New Year party, which took place on February 14th in Shenzhen, where our headquarters are located. Almost everybody from the Shanghai office flew there to join the party. Our flight was delayed (of course, this is China!) and we arrived to the venue when the event was almost starting.

Chinese New Year parties are a huge thing in China. Every company organizes one and all the employees look forward to join because 1) there is free food and booze; 2) you can watch your bosses and colleagues’ performances; and 3) there are lucky draws with prizes.

This has been my third Chinese New Year party since I’m working in China, but this time has been different. The company where I was working before was, how to say it, a little bit cheap. The money to organize the party had to be approved by the headquartes in Spain and I don’t think they understood the importance of Chinese New Year parties. The prizes were never very good. But anyway, we always managed to have a good time and food was abundant.

So, why am I saying this time has been different? Well, my new company obviously spent a lot of money organizing this party. The venue was very fancy, the stage for the performances was huge and we even had a professional photographer and an event director. The only thing that wasn’t up to the standards was the food! I left the place still hungry but the rest of the people were very busy drinking so maybe they didn’t even notice food was not enough.

I lost all my shyness and stage fright while I was studying in Beijing, so when a couple of months ago my Brazilian colleague suggested we prepare a performance for the Chinese New Year party of course I said yes. He had just seen a video from a tv show called Dancing with the stars where the theme was Super Mario. We work for a computer games company so it seemed perfect! We got four more people and started rehearsing our choreography. You can see the original video from the tv show here. Our performance obviously was not that amazing but… we managed to win second place! 3,000 RMB!


Can you spot me? Hint: I’m not the princess!



You can’t see me here because I was off stage…


… putting on the dragon clothes! Yep, I’m the dragon’s ass.

By the way, the dragon costume was brought from Shanghai in the plane with us. I still can’t believe it arrived in one piece haha.

And I know what you are thinking: where’s the video?? Well, I’m sorry to tell you there’s no video (yet). Edit: the video is here! There was definitely a guy with a professional-looking camera filming everything but I didn’t get the video yet. If I do I promise I will upload it to youtube! However I have to warn you that we were boicotted, the music was strangely slower than usual and we were a little bit confused and probably not synchonized with each other. But oh well.

A few minutes after getting off the stage I went up again: I won one of the first prizes in the Lucky Draw! An iPhone 6! The prizes were all very good: iPhones, iPads mini, HTC smartphones… And apart from the iPhone and the second prize for the performance, everybody also got a hongbao (red envelope) with money inside. Financially speaking, the Chinese New Year was a complete success for me!

Posing with our HR manager. We are missing one Luigi, he disappeared.

Posing with our HR manager. We are missing one Luigi, he disappeared.

View of the tables during the dinner and speeches.

View of the tables during the dinner and speeches.