How many AMWF couples have you met?

A little more than a year ago I didn’t know the acronym AMWF and the concept behind it existed. I had been dating my Chinese boyfriend for some time and I had noticed I didn’t see many Western girl – Chinese guy couples on the street, but I never really thought too much about it. Then one day, searching on the internet for something that didn’t have anything to do with dating Asian men I came across one blog, and then another, and I learned what AMWF meant.

AMWF (Asian Male, Western Female) couples are not too abundant. I agreed with that. However, when I started thinking about it, I realized I had met several such couples in my life. Today I want to recount the AMWF couples I have met or known about in real life and what I know about them.

(All the names have been changed except the ones of my favourite AMWF couple, whose permission I got for this article).

Merche & Hiroki

This was the first AMWF couple I met, or at least the first I can remember. I was 18 at that time. She was from Granada, the southern Spanish city where I attended university, and he was a Japanese who grew up in Spain. Upon meeting them I didn’t think it was weird that a cute girl was dating an Asian. In fact I thought he was handsome and they were a cool couple. They were together for several years and later broke up.

Sonia & Hong

She was from my university back in Spain and came to China a year before me. She started dating a Chinese guy in Beijing. I never met the guy but I know they broke up after maybe a year.

Pepe & Lorena

He was a Chinese guy raised in Spain who attended Mandarin lessons in my faculty when I started studying the language. He was a little bit creepy, slobbering all over all the girls, and he finally succeeded and starting dating some girl from our faculty. Too many public displays of affection in the faculty corridors ensued.

Eloísa & Zheng

She was a Spanish woman I met in Beijing when I was studying there. He was Chinese. They were in their early thirties, I think, and had been together for several years. She could speak Mandarin. I lost contact with them so I don’t know their current situation.

Paula & Kim

She was the friend of my friend and I met her at my friend’s birthday in my hometown. Her boyfriend was a Korean guy that grew up in Spain. They might still be together.

Mónica & Donnie

She was my classmate when I was attending university in Granada. She went to the US for an exchange and met an American-Taiwanese guy. They started dating and even lived together for some time. However she had visa problems and had to go back to Spain. They are not together anymore. She told me his mother hated her.

Bárbara & Li

She contacted me a few years ago asking for information about studying in China. Then she came to Shanghai once and I met her and her boyfriend, a Chinese guy who grew up in Spain. Later she came to China to study. I am not aware of their current situation.

Gemma & Bob

She was a Spanish girl who attended my same university in Beijing. He was a Korean guy whom she had met previously in another city in China. They were together for several years and she even went to meet his family in Korea. They broke up later and he married a Korean girl after some time.

Laura & Jeong

Also one of my Spanish classmates in Beijing. She was with this Korean guy for a couple of years. After they broke up she also dated a Chinese man, but not for too long.

He You & Tilda

He was a guy from Beijing who I met through a friend. He started dating a girl from Sweden and later moved there. They have a son now but I am not sure they are still together.

Lola & Jang

I studied together with Lola in Spain and also in Beijing. Jang was her Korean classmate. They were together for several years, at least two of them long distance. After 2 years living together in the north of China she broke up with him because she couldn’t cope with cultural differences any more (him not expressing his feelings, going out to drink with his boss every day, etc).

Anna & Jeff

My favourite AMWF couple! Anna met Jeff when we were studying in Beijing. She is Spanish, he is Filipino. I witnessed their relationship from the beginning! Jeff knew from day one she was the woman of his life; she was dating another guy at the time and wasn’t so sure about Jeff. Fast forward a few years and they are now living in Cebu, Philippines, and have a beautiful baby daughter, Alina, who is now 17 months old.

Jeff, Anna and baby Alina when she was 2 months old and we went to visit them in Cebu.

Jeff, Anna and baby Alina when she was 2 months old and we went to visit them in Cebu.

Jennifer & Chen

She was another of our classmates in Beijing. She is German and she married a Chinese man a few years ago. They started dating in Germany and moved back to Beijing last year, I think.

Mona & Du

Another classmate from Beijing! Mona was Turkish and she married a Chinese man. I don’t really have contact with her but I saw their pictures on Facebook.

Nerea & Cheung

I didn’t really know them, but I saw them in Beijing sometimes. She was a Spanish girl and he was from Hong Kong. I think they opened a business together. Don’t really know much.

Let me count… 15 couples! Not bad, uh? I still have to add two more, as in my office there are other two AMWF couples apart from myself! Both girls are German, one is dating a HongKongnese-American guy and the other is married to a Chinese.

So those are the AMWF couples I have met in real life, or at least the ones I remember now.

Have you met many AMWF couples? I would love to read your comments!