Are Chinese men romantic?

I just read this post from Move Over Godzilla and it got me thinking about my experience with Chinese men. Are they romantic? Well, I guess it depends on what you understand by romantic. Some of the things I talked about in Living with a Chinese man can be considered romantic (like bringing me chocolate when I am lazying around in the sofa!) but what about the common stereotypes about romance? Let’s see.

(While you read this, please keep in mind that I have never been a romantic girl. I never cared about flowers, chocolates, romantic dinners and I usually cannot stand romantic movies!).

– I always receive flowers for my birthday and on Valentine’s day

These past years when I was working in Suzhou I would receive a beautiful bouquet of white roses in the office. My female colleagues would literally go green with envy and come to my desk to admire my bouquet. “I wish someone would send me flowers!”, they said. Of course, the most jealous ones would say that “you won’t receive any more flowers after you get married”.

And do you know those expensive Godiva chocolates? I always get a box of those too.


I always get one of these.

– Surprises on my birthday

This trend was started by me. On his first birthday we spent together I organized a surprise party with some of his best friends waiting for him in a restaurant. Some of them even came from other cities! He was very surprised and I think he liked it, but the worst part was that the previous day he had a business meeting and had to drink… he went to his own surprise party with a hangover and couldn’t eat anything!!

So, on my birthday a couple of years ago, he had contacted many of my family and friends back in Spain or in other countries and they all sent a video wishing me a happy birthday. Then he edited it into a longer movie and played it when we were celebrating my birthday in a friend’s bar. The movie started while the cake came down the stairs and everybody in the bar saw my friends wishing me happy birthday from all over the world in the projector screen!

– He always wants to pay

Given that I never cared much for “romantic” stuff, I’m not sure if this is considered romantic or not. When we go out, if I let him, he will pay for everything. If we go travel, he will also pay everything. He even wants to pay for my clothes when I go shopping. When I give him money (for example, my half of the trip) he always says that he won the lottery!

Unfortunately these 8 billion RMB notes are not real and he didn't won the lottery!

Unfortunately these 8 billion RMB notes are not real and he didn’t win the lottery!

– Saying I love you

Well, you know, I’m not a romantic person and I don’t really say it much… but he says it very often! Who said Asian men cannot express their feelings?

– All the little things

Like going to pick me up and sending me off to the train station every week. Like covering me with the quilt when I am sleeping. Like agreeing to come with me to the supermarket even though he hates it and we could just order online but I like going there. Like giving me the best part of the dish we are eating. Like looking into my eyes every night in bed before turning the light off.


How about your experiences with Asian men? Do you think they are romantic? If you are a man, do you consider yourself romantic?