Shanghai Comic Con

Last weekend was the first time a Comic Con was organized in Shanghai. The entrance was not cheap (180 RMB to enter a place where the main purpose is buying things?) but I wanted to go anyway because the last time I went to a comic event was 10 years ago. Also, because I thought maybe I could find cool Chinese comics.

Comic Cons are always about much more than comic books: there are cosplay competitions, movie screenings, Q&A with authors, stands selling toys and all kinds of merchandise… but if it is a Comic Con, you would expect to find comic books there, right?

Well, it seems not always. In the Shanghai Comic Con there were only 2 lousy booths selling books that were not even special, discounted or hard to get. The rest of the place was full of toys, Avengers and IronMan (the movies) real size figurines, Star Wars stuff, videogames, and even Youku (the Chinese Youtube) had a booth. There were a lot of people dressed as comic and movie characters and that was fun, at least. The only things we bought were some American comics in Chinese translation (among them, Watchmen). Original Chinese comics? Nowhere to be seen. For the organizers the event must have been a success though, it was completely packed.

Do I sound like a grumpy old woman complaining about everything? Maybe I should stop writing and just show some pictures.

A cosplayer being interviewed.

A cosplayer being interviewed.

Star Wars stuff.

Star Wars stuff.




I didn’t know Deadpool was so popular, and even less so in China.


Hulk was very tired and decided to take a nap.


Have you ever been to a Comic Con?