Interview in Expat Focus

A few days ago, the website Expat Focus contacted me to do a brief interview for their Experiences section. In it I talk a little bit about expat life and how life in China is for me. Well, if you read my blog you have an idea already!

Here’s a snippet from the interview:

What do you like about life where you are?
I like the feeling of excitement and novelty about daily things. For example, after so many years, going to the supermarket still is a big adventure! I also like the bustle of the cities, seeing Chinese old people dancing in the parks and the fact that people don’t judge the way you dress (they go out in their pajamas!). I also love the convenience of Chinese online stores, where you order something, pay with your phone and have it on your door after two days.

Do you know what was the most difficult part in the interview? Finding a decent picture of myself! I realized I almost have no pictures where I am alone and with a “normal” background. I had to swim in my picture folders and finally found a decent one, but I had to crop it…

... I was holding a skewer that, although delicious, doesn't look that great.

… because I was holding a skewer that, although delicious, doesn’t look that great.


You can read the full interview here!