The Shitty Restaurant

A few months ago I went to a toilet-themed restaurant and I forgot to write about it here. Well, here it goes!

The restaurant was located in Tianzifang, an area with narrow alleys and old houses that has become a very touristic place and is full of eateries and cute (and overpriced) shops. I had been wanting to go to this restaurant but the other time we tried it was a Saturday and there was a waiting list, so we gave up. This time I went on a weekeday evening with my ex flatmates. The name of the place was More Than Toilet and it’s supposed to be a Taiwanese chain.

Why would anyone want to eat in a toilet-themed restaurant? Well, Asians (don’t forget the flying poos present in many animes) and Spanish. Both Chinese and Spanish have a lot of jokes about poo, pee, farts and things like that. Sorry, we are very scatological and kind of childish.

So, the restaurant: I though all the dishes would look like… well, you know. But to my profound disappointment, only the chocolate ice cream looked like you-know-what. The drinks and some dishes were served in toilet-shaped containers. But that was all. The decoration was fun, I have to give them that. This was our table: the seats were toilets and the table was a piece of glass with washbasins below (and a plastic poo).

No, the toilet could not be opened. Maybe they worried customers would go too far…


Golden Loo

Poo-shaped cushions.

And what about the food? Well, it was not specially good. We had pasta (it was too salty), curry (it was ok) and a kebab (also ok). The drinks were quite expensive.

Milk tea on a toilet bowl.

The infamous chocolate ice cream.


Verdict? Nah, I don’t think I will go again. But going with kids can be fun, I guess. If you are as comfortable talking about poo as C. and I are!

More Than Toilet is located in Tianzifang, the small alleys right across Dapuqiao subway stop exit 1 (line 9).

Have you ever been to a theme restaurant?