Holidays in Spain II

During the second week of our holidays in Spain we stayed in my hometown (Cáceres), a small city in the west of Spain. We met several of my friends, and also some family. As C. had already been there before we didn’t do much tourism in the city. What we did, though, was driving to Portugal for a day trip. The border is only 100 km away!

C. was very surprised that we didn’t have to show our passports in the frontier, or even stop the car. Hooray for Schengen! Although collecting passport stamps can also be fun.

We visited a couple of Portuguese small towns close to the border: Marvão and Castelo de Vide. Both are known for their castles, which are basically only ruins. Marvão’s castle in perched on the top of a mountain and from there you can see many miles away. There is also a wall enclosing the whole town.

The village of Marvão

The village of Marvão

The castle and its garden

The castle and its garden

Panoramic view from outside the walls.

Panoramic view from outside the walls. It was quite cloudy but at least it didn’t rain…

From one of the little windows from where I suppose they shoot to their enemies!

From one of the little windows from where I suppose they shot their enemies!

It was so empty and quiet! A great contrast from the ever crowded and noisy China!

Another reason for going to Portugal was the food. C. tried 2 different dishes of cod (it is said that Portuguese people can cook cod in 1000 different ways!) and roast lamb. Next time we will need to stay longer so we can eat more!

Back on my hometown, we visited a quirky modern art museum that is located in an old building in the middle of a natural park. It was founded by a German artist called Wolf Vostell that fell in love with the place. Even if you are not interested in modern art, the place is amazingly beautiful and totally deserves a visit. This lake is behind the museum:


And this is one of the artworks on display outside. It is not possible to take pictures of the artworks inside, but you can see some of them on this website.

One of the artworks outside.

One of the artworks outside.

On our last full day in Spain we drove to Madrid because our plane was leaving the next morning. We walked around the center, met with my brother and his girlfriend and ate the biggest croquetas I have ever seen in my entire life. They must have been half a kilo each and after eating them we were basically finished with dinner…

If you want to escape the bustling and busy life of the city for a while, going to my hometown and its surrounding region is a good idea! This is the official tourism website. And also to Portugal, which is a totally underrated country and a diamond in the rough!

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