Merry Christmas from China

Christmas in China is a strange holiday. Well, that is a way of speaking. There is no holiday, in fact. Malls put up fancy decorations and play Christmas carols, but that’s about it. On Friday, December 25th, I will be in the office. Like a normal day.

Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration in our office door.

Some foreigners living a China have a hard time during Christmas. They miss their families and just can’t believe they have to work. Well, many of them ask for holidays and go back to their home countries. The ones that stay here try to celebrate as best as they can, going to Christmas dinners and such.

And me? Well, I am not really a very Christmasy person. If I have no holidays I don’t even feel like it is Christmas, so I am fine working on the 25th. I don’t think I will do anything special.

Don’t feel sorry for me, haha, I am totally fine with it.

Christmas decorations in the office.

Christmas decorations in the office.

In fact, I will be sad on the 25th, but for a very different reason: it will be my last day in my current Shanghai office, so I will come to pack my computer and stuff. From next week I will be working from home in Suzhou. It has been fun working here, with people from many countries, and the office itself is great and has amazing views of the whole city (check it here and here).

So, for all you lucky people who have holidays and celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas! Send me some leftovers of your Christmas banquets!

Shiny reindeers!

Shiny reindeers!