Sunday by the lake

It’s that time of the year again! The beginning of summer means the rainy season is here. It has been raining a lot the last couple of weeks and there were also several thunderstorms. In Chinese these days are called 梅雨季 (plum rain season) and they are a synonym of hot and humid weather. Yikes! My previous apartment was in the second floor and I would even get mold on the walls and leather chairs.

The best part about rainy days in China is that the air gets noticeably cleaner. As you know, we have a big problem with pollution here. Suzhou rarely gets to airpocalypse levels, but usually the PM2.5 index is between 100 and 150, and that is not good. The sky is not “true blue”, but a greyish shade of blue. And I never get to see the sunset. But in the last days I even saw pink colored clouds when walking Nico at 7 pm. Nice!

Usually it always rains on the weekend, but this morning it was sunny, the air was clean and the ground was more or less dry. We took Nico to the lake and I brought my camera. It got cloudy when we got there but it didn’t rain. Nico wanted to get in the water but she’s a coward! She only swims where there are stairs leading to the water and she can see it’s not too deep.


Family portrait taken with the camera timer and the camera on a bench… so it’s not straight :D


“Should I jump in? Did you bring my towel?”


The water level was very high! Compare the following pictures with these from last year. The flamingos and the teardrops were in dry ground back then.



Have you read The Dark Forest, the second part of the Three Body Problem sci-fi trilogy? These thingies totally look like something that appears in the book…

As you can see, the Pants Building is the protagonist of today’s pictures.


It was very windy and the water was rough! That’s a wave coming from the left! We got splashed!

It was nice to be able to go out today. I’m at home every day working so when it also rains on the weekends it’s a total bummer.

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday too!