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Yaaay! I’m the current Blog of the month in Expat.com! I was also interviewed and you can read my answers here, although if you follow my blog there might not be much that you don’t know already!

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Sneak peek:

When and how did you decide to move to China? Is it complicated to settle down there?

The first time I came as a student. I stayed in Beijing for 3 years and I studied Mandarin with a scholarship. Then after a brief stint back home I came back to work. I think settling here is not complicated, and most companies will offer help for newcomers. Even if you are on your own, it’s not hard to find an apartment. Better if you speak a bit of Chinese, of course. However, the visa and bureaucracy in general can be a nightmare. If you are coming to work, confirm with your company which documents they need to send you so you can process the work visa before arriving.

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But my favourite part about all this is that I was sent a very cool badge and can now brag for all eternity. Mwahaha!

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