Feminine hygiene in China

Today I read an article about something that happened on Sunday: the Chinese swimming team ended up 4th and Fu Yuanhui (China’s newest internet sensation thanks to her funny reactions) mentioned that she had her period. The article is here. What is newsworthy is not that she was so open about it (and immediately after said it was not an excuse for her bad result), but that many Chinese people didn’t know it is possible to swim when you have your period. Several people asked on Weibo why there was no blood in the swimming pool then.

Also today I read another related news: China’s first tampon brand is going to be released this month. They should totally hire Fu Yuanhui for their commercials!

I already mentioned the state of feminine hygiene products in China in an old post about supermarkets. In big stores you can find a whole aisle filled with hundreds of brands of pads in every size and colour, but the only tampons will be o.b. Who needs a tampon when you can have a 40 centimetres long pad? Or when you can choose between cottony surface or mentholated pads? Based on my own experience, the 40 centimetres long pad feels like a diaper, but it is useful for sleeping. I hate the cottony surface, feels wet all the time. And the mentholated pads… think about the refreshing feeling in your mouth when you eat a mint candy. Now think about it down there. It’s too weird.

The monstrous  41 centimetre pad.

The monstrous 40 centimetre pad.

Hello Kitty pads

Hello Kitty pads

Last Saturday I went with C. to a team building activity organized by his company. I only watched, I didn’t participate. The activity consisted in a series of inflatable constructions inside a pool, and all the members of the team had to cross all of them to earn points. It looked fun. C. slipped and fell into the water 5 times. That was the funniest part :D


There were 2 women in C.’s team who didn’t participate… another member told us that “they could not get in the water”. Going to the beach or the swimming pool is not as common in China as it is in Spain, but it’s a shame that Chinese women basically don’t have a chance to choose what product to use for their period because of lack of information! Will this change after the Danbishuang tampon starts having a presence in supermarkets?