Exploring Amsterdam

I’m finally back! Unfortunately, my well deserved holidays ended and I’m in Suzhou again now. We went to Spain for our annual visit but we also spent some days in Amsterdam. I had never been there before and I wanted C. to see more of Europe. My parents, my brother and his girlfriend also went there so it was a family trip!

I wanted to update the blog earlier this week but I had some crazy days at work and couldn’t find the time until today. So what did I think of Amsterdam? I loved the city! It’s quite small (compared to Chinese cities) so you can walk basically everywhere. There is subway and tram but we didn’t have to use them even once! I had prepared an itinerary beforehand with an app called Sygic Travel, where you can find places to visit and things to do and organize routes. I didn’t really check it while I was walking around in Amsterdam, but it helped me a lot before going to have an idea of the city and the main places to see. Anyway, I managed to see basically all the places I had pinned.

I liked a lot the streets and houses in Amsterdam. Even though the houses are all crooked! Dutch people don’t seem very worried about privacy and I could check the inside of many houses through the curtainless windows. All the interiors were beautiful and totally looked like taken from a home decor magazine! Now our apartment seems so dull…

The only place I didn’t like in Amsterdam was the red light district. It’s awfully crowded and too touristy. The rest of the neighbourhoods were lovely, though!

Our hotel was nearby the Central Station (the red building in the background).

Our hotel was near the Central Station (the red building in the background).


Cheese! There were a lot of shops selling cheese for tourists. But I didn’t find many supermarkets…


Not only the houses are crooked, some street lamps are crooked too!


Super blue sky! We were very lucky with the weather. It only rained the day we left! The building in the background is the Rijksmuseum, where we spent almost one day.

This was my favourite object in the museum. Can you guess what it is? A vase!! You put a flower in each one of those holes.

This was my favourite object in the museum. Can you guess what it is? A vase!! You put a flower in each one of those holes. And it was almost as tall as C.!


This building is so narrow! It reminded me of the houses in Vietnam.



The Albert Cuyp street market.



I’d say there are more bikes in Amsterdam than in Beijing!


This chain called Febo sells food in a vending machine! It was fun.


Dutch croquettes are yummy and HUGE!


The streets in Amsterdam Chinatown also have a Chinese name.


People drinking this terrace don’t look at each other… they look at the passing people as if it was a movie!


Some canal.

In the next post I will write about some villages we visited around Amsterdam!