Shanghai Natural History Museum

Last Saturday we went on a day trip to Shanghai to visit the Natural History Museum. This museum was relocated to a new and bigger building last year and it even has its own subway stop! We arrived at 9.30 am and there was no line at all to buy the tickets, so our entrance was fast and painless.



The museum is huge. It has 4 floors and hundreds of stuffed animals, skeletons, models and fossils. It is a very popular place with families and there was quite a lot of people inside. However as it is a very spacious place it doesn’t really feel too crowded… except where the live animals are. Yes, there is also a section where you can see live butterflies, fish, spiders, snakes and other small animals. All the children were there giggling and poking the glass cages.

Display with stuffed animals and models.

Display with stuffed animals and models.

Some of the stuffed animals had very funny expressions. I guess the taxidermist was not having a good day when he did this lion:



My favourite parts were the fossils and an exhibition about survival tactics in different animals with very interesting videos. Did you know that the skunk’s stinky farts can be smelled at a distance of 800 meters?

I loved the plants fossils.

I loved the plants fossils.

I think we spent like 5 hours in the museum as there are so many things to see. There were also special projections and workshops but we didn’t get tickets for those (they are free and were already all distributed when we arrived). There are a couple of restaurants and a western style café inside. Tip: the sofas in the café are pretty comfy! The museum doesn’t have the charm of others like the Natural History Museum of London (maybe because it’s in a new building) but it is an enjoyable (and cheap!) plan for a weekend.

Ultra modern building.

Ultra modern building.

As a bonus, outside the museum there is a gorgeous park: Jing’an Sculpture Park. I had never been there and I absolutely loved it. Maybe the autumn colours also helped!




Below the fox are several shipping containers. Yes, the fox is huge.

The ticket to the museum is just 30 RMB for adults and 12 RMB for kids. To get there, just take subway line 12 and get off at the Natural History Museum stop.