Sightseeing around Suzhou: Luzhi

Last Saturday we went to Luzhi (甪直), a small town close to Suzhou. Luzhi is one of the many water towns around Suzhou, among which the most famous are Tongli and Zhouzhuang. I visited Zhouzhuang the first time I came to Suzhou in 2008, and Tongli the second time, in 2010. But since I moved to Suzhou I had not been to any of the water towns. They are called water towns because they have canals and bridges and you can ride a boat in the canals. Their white houses with black roof tiles are also characteristic.


A door decorated for Chinese New Year.

A door decorated for Chinese New Year.

Luzhi is very close to Suzhou Industrial District, where we live, so it took us barely half an hour to get there. As it is not the most famous water town I thought there would not be many people there, but I was wrong! It was not crowded, but lively. Along the main street there are a lot of small shops selling Luzhi’s speciality (pickled raddish and other vegetables), small souvenirs and renting costumes to take pictures in. This is a very popular activity in Chinese old towns.

Like this girl dressed as a princess.

Like this little girl dressed as a princess.


The best part about Luzhi is that you can visit it for free! There is an entrance ticket you can buy if you want to visit some of the buildings, like a temple, some official’s house and others. But if you just want to stroll around the canals then you can do it for free. Yay!


Luzhi’s old town main street.