The difficulty of choosing

I am an indecisive person. But I have a strange form of indecisiveness: it doesn’t really affect my big decisions in life, only the trivial, non important stuff. Like buying things.

When I go shopping, for example to buy clothes, I always need to check everything first and then decide if there is something I like. C. is the absolute opposite: he enters the shop, immediately sees something he likes and, without browsing the rest of the shop, he just buys that first thing. How can he do that?? What if there is something hidden at the back of the shop that he would like even more?? But he doesn’t think like that. If he likes it, he likes it, and doesn’t need to see if there is something that he would like more.

I have always been like this and I can’t help it. When I was a teenager and my mum went shopping with me she would always complain that I spent a lot of time checking everything and then didn’t buy anything. Because… what if the shop next door has better designs? Or promotions? My mum believes I am like this because my zodiac sign is Libra and Libra are not good at making decisions.

The same happens when I go to a restaurant: I need to see every page of the menu before making a decision. This is not a big deal when the menu is short, but some big restaurants in China have literally hundreds of different dishes. I need to see them all before deciding what I want to eat!

What should I eat?… (Night market in Taiwan).

Choosing my wedding dress was very annoying. We first went to a huge wedding mall in Suzhou with 5 buildings full of shops. I checked all the shops in one building and they all had more or less the same: puffy skirts and bling bling. Finally I found something more or less ok in another mall (although still more princess style than what I was hoping). Now the nightmare continues while I search for shoes and accessories. I downloaded the Taobao app so I can comfortably search from the sofa in the evenings. After seeing 20 pages of results for wedding shoes and accessories, I had several options saved in my shopping cart. But I was not completely sure. Should I keep looking? Should I still go to the physical shops to see what they have? What if somewhere there is something that I would like more?

Luckily I only have this “condition” for unimportant things. Imagine if my indecisiveness showed up in other situations: “Sorry boss, I did not finish this translation because maybe tomorrow I will think of a better way of expressing this sentence”. Or, “Sorry C., I won’t marry you for now because what if I meet a better potential candidate next week?”. Ha!

What about you? Are you a fast decision-maker?