Makeup & hairdo trial

Wedding preparations are ongoing! After writing the previous post I tried to put my indecisiveness aside and went on a spree in Taobao. Some things already arrived and look like winners, others… I might have to use in Halloween. Maybe I will write a Wedding Epic Fail post after the actual wedding!

So I already have the dresses, the shoes (one pair arrived and the other is on the way), and several accessories. And yesterday I went to have the makeup and hair trial!

I never use makeup. I don’t even know how to apply it myself, apart from a bit of kohl on the eyes. I have a couple of lipsticks but I feel kind of self conscious when I use them. Last time I put the red one we were having late night snacks with some friends. One of them (a guy) said: “Why is your mouth so red?”. Haha! However, on some special occasions (weddings, new year company gala) I’ve used the services of professional makeup artists. Three times in my life, to be exact. So I’m a total newbie regarding makeup.

And then yesterday I had the trial for my Chinese wedding makeup and hairdo! After work I went to the wedding planner’s office to meet the makeup artist, a very nice lady called Coco with warm hands (I noticed this because, in contrast, my hands are always unbelievably cold). While C. stuffed his face with fried chicken and bought milk tea for everybody in the wedding planner’s office, I was being dolled up. We agreed on a natural look but maybe it was too natural as I could still see the dark circles under my eyes. We might need to cover that up on the actual wedding day. And, oh, have you ever had your eyelashes curved? What kind of psychopath invented that instrument of torture??

Style 1: hair down

Style 2: hair up and princess tiara

I will have two different hairstyles in my wedding. I had assumed it would just be one and I would only change the dress, but this is China! Coco told me she had once worked with a bride who had 7 different outfits and hairstyles during her wedding day. “Did she have time to actually attend her own wedding??”, I asked. I have seen that in many weddings here in China: the bride is missing for most of the event! I want at least to try the food and chat to the guests! Coco says it will only take 15 minutes to change my hair. Let’s see.

For the white wedding dress, I have to choose one of the hairstyles above. The tiaras are all provided by the makeup artist, I don’t need to buy anything! She even brought earrings and necklaces but those I have already prepared myself.

For the red qipao that I will dress during the banquet, Coco did a very, very Chinese style.

How did she manage to make my hair look so thick and voluminous?? It’s magic!!

The above pictures were made by C., but Coco also snapped a few. However, she used the “embellishing” app that all Chinese women use for their selfies:

Hello, suspiciously slim jaw? What’s with that pointy chin? And the shiny glass eyes? And the porcelain skin? I look like an android!

Coco asked me if I was nervous. I said no. It’s the truth! I’m more worried about the 2 week China trip with my family than about the wedding!