It’s my birthday!

Yes! Today is my birthday and I wanted to write a quick post about it because it’s the first time I’m spending this special day in Spain since 2005! From 2006 to 2015 I spent all my birthdays in China, even though in 2011 I was not living there but I had a business trip to Suzhou that fell right on my birthday’s week (and I found a cake in my hotel room, courtesy of the hotel!). Last year we were travelling and my birthday was in Amsterdam (actually, on the morning of my birthday I was on a plane from Paris to Amsterdam but the airline didn’t give me a cake. Boooh!).

So, the last time I spent my birthday here I was turning 21. Today I’m turning 33 and I have a lot of things to be grateful for. Let’s make a brief list:

  • I’m healthy, according to my last check-up (and the Chinese masseur I visited the day before departing from China even told me I’m very flexible! Who would have thought! I always thought I was like a piece of wood!).
  • I found someone dumb enough to… ahem, I mean, I married a wonderful guy and we will have our third (and final, thank gosh) wedding in a few days.
  • I enjoy my job (despite all the problems, daily messes, office drama, etc. But is there any job without those…?).
  • I have a great family and they are healthy too (although some members of this household might not be able to wear their wedding clothes because they weight 100 kg now… ahem my dad…).
  • I have many friends, even though I cannot see them as often as I’d like. But several of them will attend the wedding, including some I have not seen in years! (I think the record will be set by a former classmate which I haven’t seen in 9 years! I was delighted when she agreed to come to the wedding all the way from the north of Spain! These days I have also reconnected with many others and it feels like time didn’t pass!).
  • I only have a few white hairs on the sides and I’m pretty much wrinkle free. I’ve lost weight in the last year and I can still wear the skirts I bought when I was 18. (I think I’m currently the skinniest I’ve ever been. Which is not skinny, but enough for me! And I did not “suffer” to reach this weight, I only stopped eating crap).

But, despite the last point in the list… tonight there will be cake!!!

Happy birthday to me!!