Snow in Suzhou

Every year it snows at least one day in Suzhou, but it usually is just a bit of snow that disappears very fast. This year, however, we’ve seen quite a big snowfall! Last week it snowed for almost 3 days and there are still quite a lot of frozen white piles of snow outside. It didn’t really affect me much because I work for home, but schools were closed and people spent more time than usual getting to their workplaces. Many trains and flights were also delayed. To be honest, the snow wasn’t even that much as to cause so many problems, but this area is just not used to it. Exactly 10 years ago, right before Chinese New Year 2008, there was a huge blizzard in the whole of China (it even snowed in Guangdong!!) during the middle of the holiday migration (millions of people going back home, mostly by train, to spend the new year with their families). Luckily, this time it hasn’t been that bad (although a friend who was flying from Taiwan to Shanghai had his flight delayed for 24 hours).

Snow always makes for good pictures, so social media was full of people posting their pics in the snow and their snowmen masterworks. I am going to show you some of the pictures that were shared in WeChat. Most of them are from Thursday, when it had just started to snow.

The Humble Administrator’s garden.

Aerial view of the old town.

Aerial view of one of the modern residential compounds in the newer districts.

Such a cute bridge!


I had to run some errands on Saturday so I got to feel the snow under my feet. On Saturday it snowed quite a lot and the streets and parks were covered with a thick white layer. C. sometimes proves that he is indeed Chinese and he told me several times to be careful because the ground was slippery. I couldn’t help replying if he had noticed that I am a 33 year old grown woman, thank you very much, I know snow is slippery! This kind of advice (“it’s cold, wear more clothes”, “it’s raining, be careful not to slip”, “it’s late, go home and rest”) is how Chinese show their care and concern for you, but I still feel like a child being nagged when I hear it. Anyway, back to the snow. On Saturday I managed to get my hand out of my double-layer glove a couple of times to take some pictures with my phone:

In the morning, when it was starting to snow harder.

Fish in the snow!


Does it usually snow in your city?