Fleeting spring and bitter cold

We thought spring had arrived. Well, according to the Chinese calendar, it did start February 16th! We had some warm days, the plum trees blossomed first, and then the magnolia trees. Everything seemed to be on track. And now… it feels like winter again! Brrr!

The plum blossoms season is already over!


On Sunday we went to have dinner to the Suzhou Center mall and, to my surprise, it was quite empty. It might have been because it was raining, cold and miserable. We had dinner at Grandma’s Kitchen, a restaurant that is super popular (at least in their other Suzhou locations) and basically impossible to get in on a weekend. Surprisingly, they had available tables! While we were having dinner, I noticed that in another table there was a stylish young woman eating with her parents and her baby daughter. The woman was wearing silk stockings and loafers. Very pretty, but a strange winter choice for a Chinese, who usually are very scared of cold and wrap themselves in dozens of layers. You might have noticed that many Chinese babies and grandmas look like the Michelin logo and it’s not because they are fat (usually), but because they are wearing several very thick layers.

I also saw on Instagram a picture posted by a friend who was in Tokyo. It looked like it was quite cold, but in her picture, taken in a street, there were a couple of teenage girls wearing very short skirts and what looked like transparent silk stockings or no stockings at all. When I was studying in Beijing, some young girls also went out at night with short skirts and thin or no stockings. I wondered if they were Russian and used to even lower temperatures.

I would love to be able to wear pretty clothes and shoes in the winter, but I can’t because there’s no heating and I freeze. I have a pair of similar shoes and I can almost never wear them because Suzhou only has two season: freaking cold and bloody hot. (Picture from Taobao).


Maybe it’s because I’m not stylish and fashionable at all, but I can’t even think about wearing silk stockings in winter. My poor feet would freeze and fall off! Even when I wear thick long johns (I know, so sexy) and 3 pairs of socks, my feet end up getting cold if I’m not moving. I inherited some poor blood circulation!

Don’t let the blue sky mislead you, last weekend it was cold and my leggings have fur on the inside.


I thought spring was here already. I stopped turning on the heater and the hot air con weeks ago. C. even took some coats to the dry cleaners. I told him that in Spain we have a saying: Don’t take off your tunic until the 40th of May (it is an old saying, we don’t wear tunics in Spain anymore, haha). Popular wisdom is sometimes right, and here I am now, freezing in my office again.

At the beginning of the year I bought these stay-at-home booties. They are warmer than the regular slippers but I still need to wear 2 pairs of socks.