Maternity photo shoot

In China people love having photo sessions. The pre-wedding pictures, the maternity pictures, the newborn pictures, the pictures wearing clothes from the Han or Tang dynasty… Not to mention the huge amount of selfies that are taken in China every day! The other day we went to the swimming pool and there was a girl who had her phone in a waterproof case hanging from her neck while she was inside the water. She had also placed her swimming cap strategically so part of her bangs was outside and she looked cute for selfies. Haha, they can’t even take a rest from their phones inside the swimming pool! Besides, taking photos with the swimming cap on… is there anything less flattering? [Note: You have to wear a swimming cap even for outdoor pools here. And yessss I finally went to the swimming pool! I know people were taking glances in my direction but no one stared shamelessly and no one said anything. I think the lifeguard was worried I would give birth in the pool, hahaha.]

We didn’t do pre-wedding pictures because I preferred to have them taken on the actual day(s). However, the actual day I give birth I don’t think I will be on the mood for taking many pictures (and if they are taken without me noticing, I don’t think I would share them!!) so exactly three weeks ago (I was 30 weeks) we went to a studio to have a maternity photo shoot. In this kind of photo studios they also do your hair and make up and lend you clothes for the pictures. I don’t know if they had many dresses in my size; I was shown three of which I chose two. And we spent the whole morning there.

How can this bump still have 10 weeks left?? I think I’m going to burst…


Say goodbye to this luscious hair, I can’t stand it anymore. Every time I have to blow dry it I almost faint because of the heat (and I use the cold air!).

I had never worn anything like this in my life, hahaha.

There were also naked pictures and although you can’t really see “anything” I will not harass you with them xD