Things I will do after giving birth

I am on week 38 of my pregnancy and everything has been pretty smooth, except when I had to stay in hospital for a week. I haven’t had nausea, heartburn, constipation or bad swelling; I haven’t been overly tired or sleepy at any point; I didn’t have crazy mood swings or weird dreams and I didn’t become forgetful or dumb (sometimes I wonder if I have pregnancy hormones at all). My main pregnancy side effects have been back pain (which has basically disappeared by now, strangely) and sweating like a pig. I’ve had it quite easy so I can’t complain much up to this point. But a pregnancy is still a pregnancy and there are some limitations to what you can do. These are the things I am looking forward to doing after I give birth:

– Sleeping on my back and on my stomach

I can imagine some people thinking: “Ha! Sleeping! You won’t be doing that for a long, long time!”. Ok, let’s just replace “sleeping” with “lying in bed”. Because you are not supposed to sleep on your back after week 20 as it can affect the flow of blood to the baby, and because sleeping on your bump when it gets a bit big is not very comfortable, I’ve been sleeping on my side for months. Normally (i.e. when I am not pregnant), whenever I have problems sleeping I lie on my stomach and I find it easier to fall asleep. It might be because when I was a baby, this was the recommended sleeping position!

Nico always sleeps on her side, even though she’s not pregnant.

– Eating sushi and sashimi

There are a lot of Japanese restaurants in Suzhou and we used to go quite often. Well, we still go but to the ones serving noodles, skewers and the like. I have read that pregnant women can actually eat raw fish if it has been previously frozen, but given China’s propensity to food scandals I’d rather wait until I pop. This way I can also avoid arguments with my husband (let’s remember that, according to the Chinese pregnancy app he installed, I am not even supposed to eat pineapple or almonds).


– Getting a massage

This has been the hardest one of all. I know that in western countries there are wonderful things such as special massages for pregnant women, but unfortunately they don’t exist in China or I haven’t been able to find them. Here, people are convinced that if they press certain points in your body you will start having contractions and give birth (or have a miscarriage, if it’s early pregnancy). And I wonder, if it is so easy and straightforward, why do hospitals use Pitocin and other drugs to induce labour? They should just press those points instead!! I used to go have a Chinese style massage every few weeks, and when I had back pain these past months I missed it so much. Now let’s see when I am able to go…

Dangerous places to press during pregnancy.


You’ll notice that I didn’t mention usual things like alcohol or coffee! I rarely drink alcohol and coffee so I didn’t miss them during pregnancy. Two less things to fret about!

I wonder if I will miss anything about being pregnant after I give birth… probably the peace and quiet!