The typhoon season

Every summer, Suzhou stands on the way of some of the typhoons that come from the western Pacific Ocean. Usually, when they arrive here they have already lost most of their strength so we don’t get any big damages or destruction (that sometimes happens in southern regions, though). We do get some wind and rain, which I gladly welcome as a respite from the heat. Last Friday the Rumbia typhoon was nearby and we got the strongest wind and rain we’ve had this summer.

Gif from 苏州微生活. The view from my window was more or less the same.

I’m glad I didn’t go into labour on Friday and didn’t need to go out at all… Gif from 苏州微生活.


Coincidentally, on Friday it was the Chinese Valentine’s Day and I guess the typhoon spoiled many date plans. Also, the typhoon’s name (Rumbia) in Chinese was translated as 温比牙 wenbiya, which doesn’t mean anything in Mandarin but sounds like an insult in Suzhounese and Shanghainese. C. didn’t want to tell me exactly what it meant but that didn’t stop me from saying it aloud several times, to his amusement.

The best part of the typhoons is that after they pass we are left with an excellent air quality. The numbers were green all weekend! Yay! (The air quality index has a colour code, ranging from green (good) to dark brown (airpocalypse)). Even though it was hot, I had to go out and breathe a bit of fresh, clean air.

That sky! Almost as blue as in Spain! And fluffy clouds!!

It was still quite windy so the lake had waves!

Suzhou’s beach…

Nico had a great time playing in the water! She was so excited! Unfortunately she is probably the most unphotogenic dog in the world…

A group of guys who looked like Indian or Bangladeshi asked to take a picture with Nico! Not sure why, haha.

We also came across a crew filming an advertisement or something.