In loving memory of Nico

Nico passed away last Saturday, November 10th, after her condition worsened abruptly. She was 10.5 years old and I had lived with her for 4.5 years. You can read here the first post I wrote about her, when she moved in with us in May 2014.

Some pics to remember her and celebrate her life:

She was SO FAT when she arrived.

She loved splashing around when it was hot.

Always a fashionable dog.

Discovering new places.

Waiting for her chance to steal food from the table at a BBQ with friends.

The year I was working in Shanghai we would videochat.

This was when we were packing for our holidays in Japan.

Always asking for food…


She would pick discarded bottles and we would throw them into the bin.

Dressed up for Christmas.

With her “son”.

Looking into the distance.


I hope dog heaven is full of yummy treats and friendly cats.