A stroll around Luzhi

Last Saturday we went to Luzhi, a nearby water town, for a quick visit because C.’s company had a Women’s Day activity for their female employees there and as C. is the head of that office he wanted to go and say hi. After doing this (to the chorus of  the “Oooohs” and “Aaaahs” from about 50 women when they saw Baby A.), we walked around the old town a bit. It was cloudy and the weather forecast had said it was going to rain, so there wasn’t many people. We took a few pictures, saw a few cats, ate a bowl of local noodles and a warm flat bread… We also bought some pickled vegetables, which are a local speciality, and the shop attendants were wondering aloud if C. was Japanese. They were talking in Suzhou dialect but even I could understand them! Chinese people tend to think foreigners cannot speak Chinese so they often talk about you in front of you.

Some pictures from our stroll:

Stone lion guarding a bridge.

When I finally managed to take a picture, the cat was already leaving.

The water in the canals doesn’t exactly have a healthy colour…

A picturesque corner.

These little boats can take you along the canals.

But check the pricing information: in Chinese it says 150 RMB per boat, in English it says 150 per person! Innocent mistake or foreigner price??

Plum blossoms (or maybe apricot… they look the same to me!).

Mirror to scare evil spirits away (because they are hideous and fear their own reflection).

See you next time, Luzhi.


More pics from a previous visit to Luzhi can be seen in this post.