The time I was mistaken for my husband’s tour guide

A couple of years ago, my parents in law and four of our friends (two Taiwanese couples that live in China) flew to Spain to attend our wedding. As it was the first time they went, I took them to visit several cities both in Spain and Portugal and we spent 10 days travelling around. When we were in Madrid, one of the Taiwanese women wanted to buy some shoes from a fancy Spanish brand and she had even looked up the shop’s address. Chinese people love shopping in Europe because brands are cheaper than in China (because in China, foreign brands have a high tax). So we went to the shop, she tried on the booties she had previously seen online, and she bought them. Her English is pretty much nonexistent, so during the whole process I was being the translator between her and the seller. When the deal was done and we were heading for the door, the seller asked for my business card, “In case I have more Chinese customers in the future, I can contact you”, she said. At first I didn’t understand what she meant, then it dawned on me and I laughed: “I’m not working, these are my family and friends”. The seller was quite embarrassed and quickly apologised, but I wasn’t mad. It was an easy mistake to make.


A selfie with my “tour group”.