No gifts for husbands

Last month I had lunch with two of my friends. One is Chinese and the other Taiwanese. They are both married; one has kids and the other doesn’t. There were only a few days left until Christmas and I was worried that my husband wouldn’t like his presents; I had a hard time thinking what to buy for him and wasn’t very convinced of my final decision. So first I asked my friends if they celebrated Christmas and when they replied they did, I wanted to know what kind of gifts they usually gave their husbands.

Both replied they never gave her husbands any presents, although they expected to receive presents themselves. They were even laughing at the ludicrous idea of buying gifts for their husbands – one even joked she would gift him her credit card bills!

One of them is married to my husband’s colleague and she knows that every year I send a cake to their office on my husband’s birthday so all the officemates celebrate together. She mentioned this and said I am very thoughtful. I was left wondering if I am indeed weird. I am not materialistic and I don’t expect nor want to receive expensive presents, but I like when my husband gives me flowers or chocolates for St Valentine’s or for my birthday. And obviously I reciprocate because I think it’s just strange to always be on the receiving end but not giving anything. Plus, I often think buying presents for other people is even more fun than receiving them! Not with my husband though… I never know what to get him because he has everything!

I don’t know if most Chinese women are like this or if it’s just my friends. But, well, the husband of the one that has children told me once that he had never held his kids when they were under 6 months old because he was “scared”, so I guess he doesn’t deserve presents anyway!

Image by Yvette Fang from Pixabay