After the coronavirus: My predictions

A few days ago I was forwarded the same image from two unrelated people in different countries, China and Spain. That image was a picture of a book page in which Sylvia Browne, a psychic, had predicted the current coronavirus epidemic in 2008. I searched where it came from and turns out Kim Kardashian tweeted about it, so it must have gone viral in the whole galaxy. This is the page in which our current plight is foreseen:


It is so accurate it’s even scary, isn’t it? A severe pneumonia-like illness, in 2020, spread throughout the globe, no treatment. Impressive! However, I have the annoying habit of questioning anything I’m forwarded on the internet. My first reaction was: “That other prediction above about a 2010 bacteria that will be killed with electrical currents and heat didn’t happen, no?”. My second comment was: “In a whole book full of predictions, you’re bound to be right in at least some of them!”. Then I googled this psychic and found this very interesting article which states that she was almost always wrong and the search for several missing persons was derailed thanks to her tips. This other article from Snopes explains that the book was published after the SARS epidemic, so she could have gotten her inspiration from there.

This made me think that I can too make some predictions about what I think it’s going to happen after the coronavirus epidemic is over! If I’m right, this post will go viral and I will become rich and famous. Maybe later I could even write a book with a few hundred more predictions. What a perfect plan! So these are the predictions I saw with my inner eye at 4 am while I was trying to make a crying toddler fall asleep again:

– Trump will lose the reelection

This is a risky one as his approval ratings are rising as we speak but I’ll write it anyway. Before the epidemic, I was pretty sure Trump would win the reelection. I think all the Americans I know are Democrats and Trump is always made fun of in European media, but that’s very possibly just my echo chamber. I think he has a lot of support in the US, but the pandemic, his bad management of the situation and the economic crisis are going to turn the tide against him.

That facepalm…


– No one will step down in Spain

Many western countries were idly watching the virus get closer for two months and didn’t move a finger to avoid it or at least prepare for the imminent arrival. Spain in particular has done a very bad job and we are seeing the results now. Until the end of February, people like the president of the Spanish Epidemiology Society were saying that there was nothing to worry about and that the Spanish health system was fully prepared for the epidemic. A bit over a month later, Spain has 110,000 infected, over 10,000 dead and the country’s ICUs are at full capacity. My prediction is that absolutely no one from the relevant organisms will step down from their positions because this is how it always is in Spain. Accountability? What’s that?


– Rumours about the origin of the virus

Now it’s just a conspiracy theory, but when everything ends, many people will be fully convinced that the virus was released solely with the purpose of selling vaccines, tests, face masks, protective gear, etc. China will be probably singled out as the guilty party, although the US is also a good potential suspect, or any other country that manages to develop a vaccine first.


– China will become even more isolated

Because of the abovementioned rumour in which everybody will point to China as the culprit, China will shut itself even more and the common feeling Chinese people have of “everybody hates us” will grow. This will mean more nationalism, more beligerant articles in the state-run media and more patriotic tv shows. Wait, what? Even MORE patriotic series on Chinese tv? Is that even possible? I say it is, boys and girls, even though it’s hard to imagine because they are already ubiquitous now.

More of this?


What do you think of my predictions? Do you think I will be proven right or wrong? Do you have any prediction you want to share?