3 bright sides of the coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic has wreaked havoc on our world and our daily life, it has killed many people and turned everything upside down, but after months of being worried (I think I got a handful of new white hairs), I found 3 things in which the new normal has been improved due to the influence of the epidemic. Let’s see what they are!

Can’t resist putting Life of Brian here.


Cleaner air

This has been mentioned in many news reports already. Yesterday it was reported that people in Northern India are seeing the Himalayas from 200 km away for the first time in 30 years. According to Snopes, it cannot be verified that it’s really been 30 years, and also can’t be sure if it’s solely because of the reduction in air pollution, but anyway, many people there are saying that they had never seen the mountains from their homes until now. Here in China, these past two months have definitely been better than the same time last year. In February the pollution indexes showed a big dip, but now basically all businesses have reopened, so we might be having something else. Maybe this is just a windy year, or maybe last year was especially unwindy, which made it so shitty. The important thing here is: HELLO, BLUE SKIES!


Husband spending more time at home

This might not be good news for all wives, but for me it is. My husband is a manager in a state-owned company and normally has to attend many dinners and out-of-worktime events. That’s the way things work in China and I do hope people start resisiting this shit soon, because it’s not fair and I doubt it’s good for mental health. Anyway. During the past months in China, multitudinary events and banquets were not allowed, so my husband had dinner at home for like 2 months in a row. Which means he got to spend more time with our son. Yay for that!


More children than ever playing outside

Now the situation has improved a lot in China and we go out almost as normal (except that everybody wears a mask), but primary schools have not started class yet. The other day I brought Baby A. to the park inside our compound and it was CHOKE FULL of children playing and riding bicycles. I suddenly realized I had never seen so many children playing outside in China, which is super sad. I’m sure they are enjoying these days of freedom immensely, before their tight schedules full of extra lessons and planned activities start again soon.

Also: spring!


Have you found any silver linings to the current epidemic? Please share!