4 things my son learned during the COVID-19 pandemic

My son is only 19 months and he will not remember the pandemic that stopped the world in its tracks and turned our lives, including his, upside down, but he has definitely learned some coronavirus-related things and included some new games in his repertoire.


Playing with thermometers

One of his favourite games now is checking the temperature of all the family members several times in a row. If using the ear thermometer, both ears have to be checked! Since the coronavirus pandemic started here in China, our temperature is checked every time we enter a mall or restaurant and every time we come back to our residential compound.

We also have an old school glass thermometer with mercury inside, but he doesn’t know. Better this way…


Washing hands

Another new game we’ve been playing recently is washing the hands of all his plushy friends. He makes the gesture of opening an invisible tap and pretends a plastic block is the soap. At first he wanted to wash the toys’ hands with real water and soap but I managed to convince him not to. He also likes washing his own hands and before having dinner he always chants “ta ta say” (“wash hands” in Suzhou dialect) while happily trotting to the bathroom.

Ok everybody, form a line and wait for your turn…


Willing to wear his face mask

Something that my friends back in Spain found surprising was that my son actually wears a mask when we go outside. He has always been willing to wear it, since the whole thing started back in January. Maybe because he sees that we all wear it too? This will come in handy in the future when he needs to wear a mask for the pollution…



Reminding us to disinfect

And what does he do when we get back home? Reminding us that we have to disinfect the door handles and shoe soles! I think this is totally unnecessary by now but he saw my husband doing it since the beginning of the epidemic and he’s now unforgiving about it. Spray those shoe soles, dad!