A morning in Suzhou Park

Last Saturday we went to Suzhou Park, a park located in the center of Suzhou. I wrote about this park many years ago on the blog and I think I had never been back there until last weekend. The locals simply call it “big park” (大公园), according to C. this is to differentiate it from another smaller park nearby, and also because this park seemed very big when they were children.

I didn’t notice any change in the park since last time I went, except that some areas were closed, not sure if due to the virus or because of renovation works. We went in the morning so we missed the retired people singing and dancing, as they usually do that in the afternoon. We stayed in the park until 12.30 and by that time some ladies were already arriving and forming groups, and one started practising some choreographies, so they have definitely restarted their meetings after the epidemic. There were also several families fishing goldfish in the pond and Baby A. inspected all the buckets to check what each person had caught. I think people later bring their goldfish home and raise them.

Lemme see what you have in there…


The park has also a small fun fair for children and Baby A. wanted to try the carousel. C. says he was so scared the whole ride, hahaha. He might have taken that from me, I’ve always been a coward with rides… definitely no roller coasters for me. There was also another part with slides.



Later we sat on a bench and an older man came and asked me if Baby A.’s curls were natural. Do you think that’s a weird question? Not so much, considering that my friend permed her son’s hair (he’s 3 or 4) and I’ve definitely seen more children with wavy hair, when almost all Chinese have naturally straight hair. C. also had his hair permed by her aunt when he was a child.

Looking at the bees and the flowers (literally).

Munching on raisins.

It was a great day with blue sky!


From tomorrow until Tuesday we have a 5 day holiday! We cannot go anywhere far but we have some plans around Suzhou and surrounding areas, if the weather allows! Of course, the forecast says it’s going to rain for the next 3 days…