The clothes swapping event

Do you remember the post I wrote last month about how I hadn’t bought any clothes in a year? I’m still keeping at it and I haven’t bought anything, except for underwear which I really needed after such a long time, and a bikini because I’m still hoping this summer I will at least go to the swimming pool. However, without buying other types of clothes, my wardrobe now has some new shirts and skirts… How did I do it??

A few weeks ago, in a women’s WeChat group I’m part of, several ladies asked where they could donate clothes in good condition. As far as I know, there’s only one charity shop in Suzhou which accepts clothes donations to resell them later, but the owner had said that she was going to stop accepting clothes because it was very hard to sell them (Chinese people are not usually interested in second hand clothes) and she was running out of storage space. I suggested the group organized a clothes swapping event, several people said it was a great idea and a couple of weeks later we had our own clothes swapping event!

I had never been in such an event but I had heard about them from women living in Shanghai. The Suzhou clothes swapping was in a very popular bar (which, ahem, I had never been to) and there were more people than I was expecting! The rules were very simple: Each of us brought some clothes we were not wearing anymore, we placed them on the bar’s tables and checked the clothes other people had brought. As quite a few women participated, there were clothes of many different sizes and styles. And, apart from getting “new” clothes, we also chatted with old acquaintances, made new friends and had some drinks. When people ask me how long I’ve been in Suzhou, I’m a bit ashamed to say the number (over 8 years) because I don’t know anyone. I haven’t exactly been a social butterfly on the expat/foreigner scene!

Behind the blue curtain there was a stage that we used as a makeshift fitting room!

I went assuming that I wouldn’t find many clothes for myself, but I was wrong! I ended up with three skirts, four tshirts and a pyjamas! Plus, a friend from Latvia who also attended and brought (and took) a lot of clothes told me that she often goes to that one second hand store in Suzhou and always finds some gem. I’ll have to pay them a visit! Although, right now my wardrobe is quite full with these new acquisitions…

Modelling my “new” clothes. The tshirt and skirt are from the clothes swapping event, the purse I bought second hand from another WeChat group and the shoes were a gift fro my mum (every time I go to Spain, she wants to give me all of her new clothes and shoes).

Have you ever been to a clothes swapping event? I’m already looking forward to the next one!