Rainy summer

In Suzhou, the rainy season usually starts in the middle of June and lasts for about 3 weeks. This period of rainy weather is called 梅雨, which literally means “plum rain”. This year we are having an exceptionally long plum rain: it started on June 9 and it didn’t finish yet! It has even been reported on the news that this is being the longest rainy season in 20 years. We had a few days without rain in June but I feel it has been raining during the whole of July. And, according to my phone’s weather forecast, it’s going to last until the end of the month!! I hope it’s wrong!

This was one day at 11:30 am… day turned into night!


It has already rained the equivalent to 170 Jinji lakes, according to the news. Wondering how big Jinji Lake is? Here’s part of it…



One day it rained so much that a drain on our rooftop got clogged and water started coming out of our kitchen lights. It happened the same in Suzhou Center, where part of the mall had a lot of water leaking from the ceiling.

This is our kitchen ceiling now. We’ll have to replace it…


The rainy season is usually hot and humid, which absolutely sucks, but at least this month is not being too hot. Yesterday we had a very cool 20 degrees and we haven’t turned the air conditioning on in a couple of days. Although it’s often needed to turn it on even if it’s not too hot, to suck out the excess humidity. Otherwise we get mildew everywhere! You don’t want to see the bamboo toothbrush I had to throw away the other day… it had a mop of black hair growing on it!

I could probably start a mushroom plantation at home.


I don’t like when it’s too hot and sunny either, but can we please at least have a non-rainy weekend to go to the outdoor swimming pool? We’ve only been once in the whole summer but to the indoor one in a fancy hotel. Pros: We had the whole place to ourselves. Cons: The entrance ticket was 300 RMB (over 30 USD/EUR). Ouch!


As I work from home, I don’t have to worry about how to get to the office in the middle of a downpour. But, if I did, I would totally “do as the Chinese do” and equip myself with all the rainy season essentials from Taobao. For example:

Rain cover for the electric bike…


… and silicone covers for the shoes!