Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival! This is one of the traditional Chinese festivities that have become more important in recent years since it was appointed as a national holiday in 2008. A few years ago I wrote a post explaining this festivity; here’s the link in case you missed it.

This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival fell on a strange date. October 1st is also China’s national day and an official holiday that lasts for a week. With the addition of the Mid-Autumn Festival, this year we are having holidays from October 1 to 8. (Well, but we had to work last Sunday and will have to work October 10, Saturday, to make up some days. Thanks, China!).

There are three main aspects to the Mid-Autumn Festival: You are supposed to gaze at the full moon, have a family reunion and eat mooncakes. So, for the past month, the whole of China went on a mooncake-buying and mooncake-gifting frenzy. We have received SIX boxes of mooncakes in total. Each box contains between 5 and 8 mooncakes, and each mooncake has 700-800 calories on average. It will be a miracle if I manage to not gain any extra weight.

However, the strange thing this year is that we barely got any of the traditional mooncakes, with the usual fillings of bean paste or egg yolk. Instead, we got some specialties and some new mooncake creations, and I thought about sharing them here!


– The Starbucks mooncakes

Someone gifted my husband a box of Starbucks mooncakes. There were 8, two of each flavour: espresso, egg lava, jujube and bacon with black pepper (!!). Baby A. loved the jujube ones. The bacon ones were weird. The Starbucks giftpack also included a scarf made with recycled plastic bottles! It looks like silk!

Not white chocolate… it’s a bacon and black pepper mooncake!



– The Yunnan mooncakes

Someone from Yunnan gifted this box to my husband. They’re different because the filling is some kind of ham with a lot of sugar. There were also some jasmine flavoured ones. But the really special thing in this mooncake box was that there was a giant one…

Normal sized mooncake on the right, half eaten monster mooncake on the left.



– The Haagen Dazs mooncakes

I talked about these ones on my other post about Mid-Autumn Festival too. Actually, they are not mooncakes at all, and maybe that’s why they are so popular! This year we got two boxes, one of the ice cream sandwiches we tried last time and another of a special edition for this year.

Packed like mooncakes, but 100% ice cream.


– The homemade mooncakes

Yesterday, my husband’s “cousin” (actually, his godfather’s daughter), brought us a box with 5 mooncakes she said were homemade. I don’t know if she made them herself or what, but they look pretty professional to me! They are also in a shape that’s not the usual one (at least around here), and the exterior is flaky.



We already ate the Starbucks and the Yunnan ones (except the half big one in the picture), but the others are still waiting for us… Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!