Our Halloween

It’s already mid-November! I’ve been wanting to write about what we did for Halloween for the past several days, but I had no time! Is it ok if I talk about it now, after such a long time? Well, this is my blog and I decide so I say yes! Let’s revisit Halloween!

I have to say, Halloween was not a thing in Spain when I was a child. I don’t even remember if I ever attended a Halloween party. We had a similar holiday, though: Carnival! We would dress up at the beginning of February, although the costumes didn’t have to be something spooky. Anyway, Carnival or Halloween, I think it had been more than 20 years since the last time I thought about wearing a costume, and more than 10 years since I attended a Halloween party (I went to one in Beijing with my classmates when I was a student, although there were no costumes involved, only a few spiders and cobwebs painted on our faces). So last month, when I started seeing posters for Halloween children parties, I thought: “Why not? It will be Baby A.’s first Halloween!”. I even had his costume ready, as a fellow Suzhou mum had given me a caterpillar costume among other regular clothes.

Our friends were also joining the party with their two children, and we didn’t know if adults were supposed to dress up or not. But the point is wearing a costume and having fun, right? I don’t remember how, the perfect costume for my husband and I suddenly occurred to me: A pair of characters from a comic book for which we could use clothes we already had, and we would only need to buy a few accessories (I’m in a strong non-shopping mood lately). Also, my friend happens to be a make-up enthusiast so she would do our make-up and hair!

C. getting his make-up done. Please admire the crayon marks my son did on the wall behind the sofa…


The party was a lot of fun and the children had an absolute blast. There was face painting (although we as usual were late and couldn’t do that), a clown to entertain the children, prizes and a lunch buffet. Not all the adults dressed up and my friend was feeling a bit self-conscious in her Jasmine suit, but I think she looked fantastic! In the end, we even got a prize for “family costume”!


By the way, do you know who my husband and I are supposed to be? We were Dream and Death from the comic book The Sandman.

I’m Death!


Baby A. was one of the youngest children and he seemed to be a bit scared of the clown… But he didn’t move for the whole show!


I’m already thinking about what to wear for next year’s Halloween! I have already decided that the three of us will dress up of related characters!