Latest Taobao fails

A few years ago I wrote a post about Taobao fails and I think it’s among my funniest posts. Those fails were inflicted upon other people and I was merely reporting what the Chinese internet said, but lately I’ve experienced some Taobao fails myself and I wanted to share them with you.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed my son had only one pair of winter shoes so I headed to Taobao. I was very glad when I found Pediped, an American brand of children shoes, had some discounts on their official Taobao store: 50% off! I found a pair that I liked and ordered it, not without first noticing the banner on their storefront:

It was an orgy? Like the ones EU diplomats attend in Brussels when they should be on lockdown?


Using random English words as decoration is not an an unusual sight in China, though (I’ve written about weird slogans in T-shirts before). Funnily enough, the same thing happens with Chinese characters in Western countries, and I think everybody knows or has heard about someone that got a tattoo that says “chicken” in Chinese because “it looks cool”.

Back to the shoes. When I received them, I opened the box and took one shoe out to check it. Everything looked good. Then, later, when my son came back from his morning walk with his grandparents, I took out both shoes for him to try on. Then I noticed something was off… both shoes were for the left foot!!

Uh oh…


On the bright side, the shop (and Pediped’s factory, it seems) is in Suzhou so exchanging them was fast…

Another fail happened a few days later. On the weekend I’m going to a lunch with a group of women and we are doing a Christmas ornament exchange. I was looking up on Taobao and found this glass ball that looked quite cute, so I bought it.


But when it arrived… I realized I had been caught in the old “looks nice online but in reality it’s a piece of shit” trick. The part with the light is a plastic cover that doesn’t fit tightly on the wooden base, so the ornament cannot stand straight and the fake snow inside leaks through the gap.

Now I understand why they put fake snow under it on the product picture…


Now I have to do what I was trying to avoid because I simply have no time: Going to the mall to buy an ornament. Thanks a lot, Taobao.