Merry Christmas from Suzhou

This has been a strange year, and many people are now facing the strangest Christmas of their lives, as they won’t even be able to celebrate with their loved ones. Here in Suzhou we are lucky that we’ve been virus free for a while and we will be able to meet with friends for Christmas. On previous years I’ve arranged dinner at home just for us and my in-laws, but this year I’m working on Christmas day (Friday) and even on Saturday morning, so we will be eating out. On Christmas Eve we’re having dinner at a Turkish restaurant with some Spanish speaking friends and on Christmas day we are going to a Mexican restaurant with Chinese friends. Not really Christmasy food, but works for us!

I’ve even been able to attend several Christmas events. We went to a Christmas bazaar at the beginning of the month, although several others that are usually done every year were not arranged this time. The one we attended was in a big hotel and the decorations were very fancy.

As you can see, there was quite a lot of people.


Then there was a lunch arranged by the women’s WeChat group I’m in. It was in a very posh Spanish restaurant where we had a delicious lunch. We also played games, exchanged ornaments and won prizes. I won a small hamper with Greek products!

The dress code was white!


I also attended a Mexican Christmas event last Friday. It was organized by my coworker and we had tacos, played lotería (like bingo but with pictures instead of numbers), sang a traditional Mexican Christmas song, lighted sparklers and assaulted a piñata. I’m sad that I didn’t take any pictures as it was a lot of fun!


The malls in Suzhou have all put up their Christmas decorations:

Macaroon tree in Suzhou Center.

Huge crystal ball in Eslite.


Did you know that in China people gift apples on Christmas Eve because the pronunciation is similar? My husband got this today:

Yes, it’s a huge apple inside a fancy packaging.


I wish you a very merry Christmas! Celebrate how you can and enjoy as much as you can!