Sunday in the sun

A couple of weeks ago we had unseasonably warm weather and we took the chance to visit a village in the outskirts of Suzhou. I had heard about it but I’d never been there. Well, or so I thought. It turned out this village is right next to the cemetery where C.’s paternal grandfather is buried! I had been there several times, but I didn’t know it was that village and anyway we never saw much of the surroundings.

This village is called Wangshan Village (旺山村) and it seems they’ve been trying to develop its tourist industry. And they’re being very successful! We went there on a Sunday and the place was packed. There were so many cars in the main (basically only) street that we parked the car in the cemetery, which was less than 5 minutes walking. The part of the village that we visited was surprisingly hip. The small restaurants in the black tiled houses sported slogans like “Wangshan recontre le Louvre”, which if I remember my French correctly means “Wangshan meets the Louvre”. I think this reference to the Louvre museum was due to some copies of classic sculptures that were dotted around the whole place. There was also a long line of cute food trucks, something that I had never seen in China before.

It was a very warm day (about 25 degrees) so we had lunch outside and then explored the surroundings.

Al fresco dining.


Just behind the small restaurant houses there was a tea field with hills at the back. The plum trees were in bloom and there were lots of families with tents spending the day.


In this area there was also a cat cafe that hired “rooms” with a cat in them. The rooms were transparent, like inflatable igloos! There was a long line of people waiting their turn to spend some time with the cats. We didn’t need to go there as we found someone who had brought his own kitty from home!

Cats also go for walks on sunny days.


As it was fit for such a warm and sunny day, we bought ice cream and blew bubbles.



Next to the cat cafe lived a flock of pigeons. They had very cute mini houses on trees and they were taken care of by an old man who feeds them corn and is very friendly towards visitors.

Family portrait with pigeon houses behind.


I loved our little trip and I’m looking forward to having good weather as it’s been raining for the last couple of weeks and we’ve had to limit our outings to malls and indoor playgrounds. It seems there are more places to explore in Wangshan, and many other interesting places around Suzhou!