A weekend in Madrid

Since we are going to be in Spain for now and my husband is probably not going to have so much free time on his hands until he retires, I want to make the most of this opportunity and travel around Spain as much as we can (which is not too much as I work on a Chinese calendar, which means almost no holidays, and definitely not the Spanish holidays, and now our son goes to preschool too). But even if it’s just on the weekends, then just on the weekends! There are many places we can reach on a 3 hour car drive.

With this idea in mind, we spent the first weekend of October in Madrid. We chose it because my brother and my sister-in-law just bought a flat there and we wanted to visit, and also to see a couple of my friends that live there and that I had not seen in years. We also went to restaurants that we can’t find in my small town: an Indian, a Korean and an authentic Chinese, and we also bought some things at an Asian supermarket.

We didn’t do much sightseeing, but strolling around Madrid we of course saw many beautiful sights. I wanted to go to the Magritte exhibition in the Thyssen museum but that’s not a great plan with a 3 year old, so we were in parks and playgrounds instead, like the locals.

Parque del Retiro was extremely lively on a sunny Saturday morning! But we managed to take a picture without people.
In the Royal Palace (behind this fountain) we were lucky enough to see the change of the guards.
In the Korean restaurant. There’s no picture of the food because we were starving, haha.
Then, for dessert, we went to this hip place…
Ice cream on taiyaki!
Sunday started with a downpour, but after lunch it stopped raining. Baby A. loved this statue of a street sweeper.
After the rain.
Baby A. with his cousin, Frida the Dachsund.