The Medieval Market

Every year, my hometown of Cáceres holds an event called Market of the Three Cultures and commonly referred to as “the medieval market”. It started being done about twenty years ago and the three cultures in the name are Christian, Jewish and Muslim, as these three coexisted here during the Middle Ages. I had only attended once, as I haven’t been here much during the last 20 years, and obviously this year I didn’t want to miss it!

The market is celebrated in the old town. This year it lasted for four days, and apart from stalls selling all kinds of handicrafts and food, there were also actors in medieval clothing playing many different roles (I saw knights, a blacksmith, a jester…), and an area with rides and games for the children. It was all very cool and even though there were a lot of people, we didn’t have to wait to eat. We went two days, one day we had “Christian food” (a pork sandwich) and the other we ate falafel, kebab, cous cous and sweet tea with pastries in the Muslim area.

The games and rides for the children were very nice and, as they were supposed to be “medieval”, everything was made of wood and the rides were human powered!

Well, the tennis ball was not very medieval, haha.
A. didn’t care for the ferris wheel (he’s a chicken, like his mum), but he loved the merry-go-round.
Here you can see what I mean by human powered…

We also saw the knights performing and showing the audience how to fight with different weapons.

The stalls were spread all over the old town, so it really felt like a very big event.

Food stalls.
The camp of the Jewish knights.

It was a lot of fun! If you want to see more of it, I found a video about some past edition (maybe it was 2019… as you can see, no one was wearing masks!)